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All the Things that could go Wrong

All the Things that could go Wrong

by Stewart Foster

ISBN: 9781471145421

Alternating between the point of view of The Bullied (Alex) and The Bully (Dan). Alex has really severe OCD and Dan has various home problems, but you find yourself rooting for both boys from the beginning.


Illia - Kimberley School - 2019

This book is one of my favourites. It's incredibly moving and made me tear up, the fact that it has two sides of a story is amazing. In my perspective this book can give hope to a bullied child or a child with OCD. This book shows a child with serious OCD getting bullied (by a group of people) and one bully who is having a hard time at home, (because his brother has got arrested and went to STC) but a raft called the shooting star (the bully and his brother were making the raft before the brother got sent to STC) brought them together.

Natalia - All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy - 2019

I didn't like the sound of this book at the beginning but the story and characters grew on me quickly . I feel I can sort of relate to the thoughts Dan had about his brother going away and found this book very interesting.

Catherine - All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy - 2019

A brilliant book for everyone, everyday struggles people can relate to. Alex and Dan both overcome their problems and prove that we can overcome ours. Brilliant book i would definitely recommend it

Florence - Nottingham Girls High School - 2019

I thought that this book was an amazing book idea that was executed perfectly however I felt that I did not connect with the character Dan at all. He was a clever boy and I thought he should have had something larger happen to him. I really enjoyed learning about Alex’s OCD.

Jeannie - George Spencer Academy - 2019

This is a great book that can really give you an insight into what it is like with mental health issues and how hard it can be . I really liked reading this book and didn't want it to end and highly recommend this book to everyone.

Saanvi - Nottingham Girls High School - 2019

I enjoyed the book as it was quite descriptive and described each characters' feelings. The setting was described well and I felt like I was actually there. But the book was slightly bit rushed at the end, I feel. I liked the book because it could be a real story and is has relatable dilemmas in it.

Grace - Kirkby College - 2019

I really liked this book. It shows that people always don't know the reason for why someone is doing something, whether its because of problems at home or a mental disorder. I recommend this to anyone looking for a story with a good ending.

Narisse - Nottingham Girls High School - 2019

I really enjoyed how I you could feel the characters in this book, you really felt you were there and you were watching. Some bits of the plot just seemed to trail off but the overall book had a good effect.

Oscar - Kimberley School - 2019

This was a story about change and realization. First you have Dan who believes that the place that Ben has been sent to is not really that bad and that Shark Face (Alex) is almost trying to push his presence on Dan when in reality this is far from the truth. They both seem to believe that the other's life is better than their own, and then they come to realize how similar they are. Overall, this was a great book that reflects the pre-teens of today perfectly.

Jack - Ashfield School - 2019

I like the 2 different points of view sadly it took a long time for me to get into it:(

Anna - George Spencer Academy - 2019

I really enjoyed the book and the story told was amazing and had a deep meaning. I liked the way the perspective of the writing changed between characters.

Amina - Nottingham Girls High School - 2019

I enjoyed the book and liked how the story was shown from two points of view. I also liked the story line and would recommend the book to someone, although I feel that the ending was a bit rushed.