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by Lapinski, L. D.

ISBN: 9781510110922

Jamie Rambeau is a happy 11-year-old non-binary kid who likes nothing better than hanging out with their two best friends Daisy and Ash. And when Jamie realises no one has thought about where they are going to go, they decide to take matters into their own hands, and sort it all out once and for all. As the friends' efforts to raise awareness eventually become a rooftop protest against the binary rules for the local schools, Jamie realises that if they don't figure out a way forwards, they might be at risk of losing both their friends forever.


Milena - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

It was a good book but I feel like it was a bit inappropriate and not for my age. I liked it because of the courage and the justice Jamie believes in, but I think it would be better in a few years. I still liked it a lot though.

Elizabeth - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

It wasn't my type of book. I quite liked the genre but there are some readers out there that have a religion against the topic. It was also quite repetitive with Jamie struggling, then trying something and struggling again. Other than that it was quite a good book with great characters and a few good parts.

Matilda - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I really enjoyed this book! I usually read fantasy so reading this book was a bit different from what I usually read. Most of the books I read are about non LGBTQ+ characters so I don't know much about LGBTQ+ so I found it fascinating.

Scarlett - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

This is a heartwarming book that makes you feel. Jamie is a very confident character and you described him very well! We can feel the struggles of the friends and how to get through them however, I feel you could add a bit more information at the end by possibly adding a plot twist to the story.

Alexis - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

Jamie was a really good book. It was thought provoking and had very interesting vocabulary. I didn't really feel that the conflict was fully resolved at the end with St Elizabeth's.

Sarah - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I really liked the plot and the subject of this book. I think the topic of this book is quite interesting and should be considered more in other children’s books.

Hareem - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I did not like this book as the story wasn’t appropriate for my age or for people following certain religions that don't think pride is appropriate for them. Although, the authors style of writing was amazing!

Lizi - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

This was a good book because it has a great theme and will make people feel more included if they are a they/them as they can feel like they’re not alone. Jamie is set in Nottingham so I personally know what is going on. Overall this is a very good book but it was a slow start and I possibly wouldn’t have read on.

Susan - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I love the book! Jamie is feeling different and worried about how he will feel when goes to Senior School and feels uncomfortable.

Kai - Outwood Academy Kirkby - 2024

It was a really good book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was very interesting.

Daniela - Magnus Church of England Academy - 2024

I'd definitely recommend this book to people of the age of 11+ to educate them about the LGBTQ+. The book itself was really good and is a must read!

Freya - Magnus Church of England Academy - 2024

I think that Jamie was entertaining and relatable, I could connect with quite a few details about the book. For people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, I believe the book could be really inspirational and helpful. Personally I would recommend the book to primary school students because they are the same age as Jamie and can relate to their struggles and experiences in year 6. The book can also help them learn about non-binary people, genders etc.

Michelle - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I loved this book and the theme of it. I think this topic should be considered more in other children’s stories.

Diana - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I think that the themes discussed in this book are not talked about enough in young adults fiction. I thought it was really well written, but also the cover didn’t correspond with the actual book - a younger child could pick this book up, see the cover and pick it up without knowing the theme of LGBTQ+ .

Jasmine - Outwood Academy Kirkby - 2024

I enjoyed this book because of the characters and the inclusivity.

Aaliyah - Outwood Academy Kirkby - 2024

I found Jamie a very emotive story throughout. I enjoyed how the story showed Jamie's path through their actions and thoughts. I also liked the little glossaries at each new chapter as they developed a personal understanding of the terns used in the story. I also liked how not only Jamie but many characters undergo character development adding a more real feel to the story.

Isabella - Outwood Academy Kirkby - 2024

An enjoyable book with hopeful events and an important message.

Jemimah - Magnus Church of England Academy - 2024

I enjoyed Jamie and I think the topics in the book are really important to talk about. It was also very easy to read .It was also a really good portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community.

Gracie Rose - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

Really enjoyed this story. It was very inspiring!

Ayomide - Outwood Academy Kirkby - 2024

This is a magnificent book and deserves to be heard world wide. Jamie's protests were fuelled by anger and their desire to make the world, if not their town a better place. It also hit home as it is based in Nottingham. I didn't want to put it down!

Lexie - Outwood Academy Kirkby - 2024

I really enjoyed it because of how the story is set and its so amazing and I really liked all the chapters in the story and how they plan how to get at least one of the secondaries to change the name and how Jamie was so determined to stay with their friends.