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Mohinder's War

Mohinder's War

by Rai, Bali

ISBN: 9781472958372

A thrilling World War II adventure set in occupied France, featuring an Indian RAF pilot. Thirteen-year-old Joelle Breton stumbles across Indian-born RAF pilot Mohinder Singh when his plane crashes in occupied France and it's up to her and her parents to hide him from the Nazis. After all, her parents are brave members of the French Resistance and will do everything they can to help get Mohinder back to Britain. But when they are betrayed and tragedy strikes, Joelle and Mohinder will have to act fast if they are ever to evade the enemy. Flashbacks offer dramatic stories set in key moments of history, perfect for introducing children to historical topics.


Josh - Kirkby College - 2022

I liked this book as it was interesting and it was full of action.It also pulled you in as a reader.

Amber - Kirkby College - 2022

This is a really good book and I really enjoyed reading it.

Aaliyah - Kirkby College - 2022

I like the context and story line of this book and how she learned of her great grand father.

Sophie - Rushcliffe School - 2022

I really enjoyed this book. It was very captivating and emotive. It is written beautifully, I can really see how the character feels in all the different situations he is faced with. Short and descriptive, would highly recommend.

Sophie - Rushcliffe School - 2022

This story really shows what is was like to live as a child in the war.

Grace - Kirkby College - 2022

Really enjoyed the aspect of Joelle telling her story in the story. A really nice storyline and very emotional because of where it is set and the events that happened to her because of the war. Great, Would recommend.

Cerys - Ashfield School - 2022

wow, once I picked it up I couldn’t stop reading it, I ended up finishing it within an hour and a half. It was so heart felt and touching, yet edge sitting. I felt as though I was actually there for a few moments! I love it, it didn’t receive a five star rating due to the ending. I was a little bit disappointed with it, but we can’t all get what we want and it was in the end a beautifully written book!

Lizzie - Nottingham Girls High School - 2022

I really enjoyed this book! I was so nervous for Joelle and Mo I was scared to turn the page. It is definitely worth the read!!

Olivia - Nottingham Girls High School - 2022

An inspirational story, full of kindness and love.

Maisy - Ashfield School - 2022

Very good on showing how the war was and how people suffered badly from the war and how children lost their parents. It shows that no everyone can be with their parents and people don`t break oaths and that they will look after you. I think that it will also show that when there are challenges up ahead you can solve them and you can get through them and you can recover from serious injuries and not die. this book shows an RAF pilot getting stuck in France and then this girl called Joelle parents die and then there friendship grows and become family with the RAF pilot. This shows life is not bad.

Ellery - Nottingham Girls High School - 2022

This book is really moving; I really love books about the Second World War because they are so engaging and thrilling.

Sandhya - Nottingham Girls High School - 2022

This book was quite short but had a very meaningful story.

Tasnim - Nottingham Girls High School - 2022

I loved that this book was so moving

Arleen - Nottingham Girls High School - 2022

I love this book and I love how a family helps a injured man that they don’t even know . There is a bit of violence, so it might be more suitable for older readers. I did love it though!

Summer - Nottingham Girls High School - 2022

I loved how truthful this was and how it showed realism.

Varshna - Nottingham Girls High School - 2022

I personally really enjoyed reading this. Very heartfelt and touching! I am a huge fan of war books so loved this book. The description was very emotive and I liked the supportive relationships and the different characters in the book.

Ottilie - Rushcliffe School - 2022

Nice story line and had very unique characters. I would recommend it to anyone who likes history or who likes a good book.

Zeus - Kirkby College - 2022

Liked the book, good story but a bit short for me.

Alexander - Rushcliffe School - 2022

A good story about World War 2 and the risks you have to take during the Nazi's reign. Love the way Mohinder is portrayed and the young girl called Joelle, I could feel her emotions through the words and the way they were written. However I do think we should get to know more about Joelle’s parents throughout the book. Overall I enjoyed it. Definitely a possible contender.