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S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Access Denied

S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Access Denied

by Rohan, Jason

ISBN: 9781839943386

When his dad disappears, Arun Lal is amazed to discover that he was secretly working on a classified project and has been kidnapped by people intent on stealing it. Along with his geeky best friend Sam and tough-talking Donna, Arun is plunged into a race to rescue his father and find his creation before the thieves can turn it into a destructive global weapon...


Cristiana - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I really liked the skills that Donna, Arun and Sam had in the book. All their skills that they had helped and progressed the story quite well. The story is mostly based on an AI system and one of the main character’s dad - Arun’s dad, Krishan Lal. What I didn’t like about the book was how predictable the plot was and how it mislead me when it was talking about kidnap. I would recommend this to those who like spies, robots and adventure!

Lizi - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

This book misled me with the blurb, as it was different to what I thought it was, which is not entirely bad but I don’t like being misled. This book was not my style or my genre but if you like robots and AI, I would recommend this. Overall, not my favourite.

Alexis - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

This book is not the type of genre that I usually read, so I found it hard to get into, but I thought the characters were really well thought out and relatable. I felt as though the plot was a bit rushed but I liked the ending.

Susan - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I did not enjoy STEALTH Access Denied because it felt like a very typical adventure book - which is not my favourite genre. I think that it would appeal more to boys from the front cover.

Holly - Magnus Church of England Academy - 2024

I absolutely loved this book! It was a bit far fetched but in my opinion, that is what made it amazing. I thought Donna had a bit of a attitude but apart from that it was really good. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction, adventure and action.

Ayomide - Outwood Academy Kirkby - 2024

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it was like an action movie that you read. The way the author went from one perspective to another was seamless and leaves you with the whole story. I loved it; and it doesn't leave any cliff hangers so you it isn't a must to read the rest of the series.

Sarah - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I think this book focused too much on the Mandroid theme and not on describing other bits that were happening in the book. It was good in the way it was written.

Milena - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

It was about the best action book I have ever read in my life! It was so nice and the setting and plot is really cunning thank you for writing this!

Michelle - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

This isn’t really my style of book and I think the front cover is aimed to be for boys. But I did like the plot.

Tara - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

This book was a page turning tale was full of cliff hangers. Although I felt is was very fast paced and I would have liked there to be more emotion. It was a good book but it wasn't my genre that I would choose.

Hareem - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

This book was really good. This was a book that I would never read but this book changed my opinion. It was my second choice out of the six.

Matilda - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

I really like the plot line but it was a little too fast and it doesn't give you much grounding to start off from.

Sophia - Nottingham Girls High School - 2024

This book is a great book if you love books about robots and sci-fi things but I wasn’t personally a big fan of it. I thought the book was a little bit too fast paced for me and I might I have liked it more if the pace was slower. Some parts of the book though was quite gripping which I liked but overall not quite the genre I like