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What not to do if you turn Invisible

What not to do if you turn Invisible

by Ross Welford

ISBN: 9780008156350

Turning invisible at will: it's one way of curing your acne. But far more drastic than 13 year-old Ethel Leatherhead intended when she tried a combination of untested medicines and a sunbed. It's fun at first, being invisible. And aided by her friend Boydy, she manages to keep her extraordinary ability secret. Or does she? When one day the invisibility fails to wear off, Ethel is thrown into a nightmare of lies and deception as she struggles to keep herself safe, to find the remedy that will make her seen again - and solve the mystery of her own birth.


Eve - Kimberley School - 2018

An excellent book. It really makes you laugh and feel the character. Young children in a world that adults may not see. The bullying that their parents don't know about, the secrets kept and never told, this story says it all.

Karleigh - Kimberley School - 2018

Full of unexpected twists and turns and is full of mixed emotions. One of the best books I've read. A story about trying to find out who she really is.

Grace - Kimberley School - 2018

Amazing book- it made me laugh and I could totally relate to some things which is why it is so good. I really liked the twists and turns and it gives people an insight on Ethel's point of view

Hicham - Kimberley School - 2018

Packed with adventure and twists and turns one of the best books I've read. Really enjoyed it.

Samuel - Fernwood School - 2018

This was a very interesting book it was so nice reading the book

Ben - Kimberley School - 2018

One of the most interesting and fascinating books I've ever read. With plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader involved. All the emotions Ethel felt, I did too! Happy, Sad, Confused, interesting, hurt, and plenty more. It was like you were the character going through all the hard but fun times. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who loves going through a roller-coaster of a story. One of the best books I've read!

Charlotte - Arnold Hill Academy - 2018

Very gripping with lots of twists. I couldn't put the book down. Absolutely amazing!!!!!!

Isabel - Arnold Hill Academy - 2018

Although the start didn't grip me, once I had got into it I couldn't put it down.

Luke - Arnold Hill Academy - 2018

I have only read to chapter 20 but its really good so far.

Julia - Rushcliffe Spencer Academy - 2018

This book was very interesting and I was desperate to know what was going to happen next due to the fact that there was both the invisibility and the secret of her true identity. Overall, this book was very entertaining and I really enjoyed reading it.

Towdah - Fernwood School - 2018

A very gripping book with a plot that children like us would understand, a very good story that I enjoyed reading

Xanthe - Rushcliffe Spencer Academy - 2018

It was a good book but Ethel seemed a little unrealistic. All in all, it wasn't one of my favourites.

Similore - White Hills Park Federation - 2018

I enjoyed it immensely. Funny at some points and serious in others. It was very intriguing and one of my favorite books. I love it!

Holly - Rushcliffe Spencer Academy - 2018

A cleverly written, intriguing story. Highly recommended for people who like fantasy or even if you don't, it is a great read anyway.

Jessica - White Hills Park Federation - 2018

I think this book was very good. However, I think the surprises came a bit too quickly without build up to them.

Naomi - White Hills Park Federation - 2018

The most exiting book I have read in a long time. It just got better as the book went on. It kept making me laugh. A great book I would definately recommend. A book for aged 9-13

Abigail - White Hills Park Federation - 2018

What Not To Do If You Turn Invisible is a very funny book. At parts it made me laugh out loud. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a funny and heart-warming story.

Matthew - White Hills Park Federation - 2018

A very interesting book. I was hooked from the beginning and you have to read the whole book to piece together the story. Many unexpected surprises and a thrilling storyline. I would recommend this for higher level readers and 10-12 year olds.

Martha - Kimberley School - 2018

I thought that this book was really good and different to any book I have read. The ending was unexpected which made it even better.

Ruby - White Hills Park Federation - 2018

I really enjoyed this book it was funny and very exciting ! It had a really good plot and I couldn't put the book down. I would recommend it for ages 9+.

Jessica - All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy - 2018

This book shows the struggle of life for Ethel Leatherhead. Desperatley trying to cover up her acne, she uses a medicine and, along with a tanning machine, she turns invisible! When the effects wear off, she decides that she wants to become invisible again to help a friend, whilst uncovering secrets about her family. - Year 6 and above. _4 Stars

Ruby - Carlton Le Willows Academy - 2018

Ethel Leatherhead is an ordinary girl with acne. Right?! Wrong! She turns invisible, battles evil Geordie twins, goes into school naked AND find s out who she really is! Life is anything but ordinary for her! <3 this book!

Rebecca - All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy - 2018

What not to do if you turn invisible was intruiging however the end was quite disappointing as it wasn't a surprise.

Esther - Kimberley School - 2018

This story is very different and teaches you a lot about true friendship.

Charlie - Carlton Le Willows Academy - 2018

Agreat book to read for pleasure. This book is suspenseful and breathtaking and it is now one of my favourite books. I would highly recommend it to readers from the age of 6-13

Fatimah - Carlton Le Willows Academy - 2018

It's a thick book and takes some time to get through but if you find the book interesting ,which I did, it's quite easy to get through the book and it's over before you know it. As far as the plot goes it was quite an unusual topic to talk about as it may be uncomfortable to talk about.

Lilly - Carlton Le Willows Academy - 2018

Ethel is so brave which is so exciting and wonderful.

Aamina - Carlton Le Willows Academy - 2018

This book has an interesting plot compared to the other books I have read. Unfortunately, the book was quite thick and took quite awhile to read but if you like really long books, you will mostly enjoy this book. I found that the plot was quite funny to read.

Georgia - The Suthers School - 2018

I enjoyed this book but it is not the best I have read. Maybe a bit more suited to someone who likes adventure. Good book that I would recomend.

Thomas - The Suthers School - 2018

really boring book did not like it. It was also quite odd and some parts didn't make sense.

Megan - The Suthers School - 2018

Funny, because 12 year old Ethel was supposed to ask the doctor to cure her spots (but instead he used the wrong cure), not turn herself invisible. She goes on an adventure with her BBF's (Reymond, Boydy and Reymane) to help the doctor find the right cure! Will she be invisible forever?

Amelia - The Suthers School - 2018

I found this book a bit boring but it was a fantastic subject to write a story about. It was a story that just droned on and on. Ethel is trying to cure her acne, She's tried almost everything, until something goes wrong.

Hannah - The Suthers School - 2018

It was one of the best books I have ever read! I really enjoyed reading it and felt like Ethel's character was so interesting and you could really understand her problems so I absolutely recommend that you read it.

Olivia - All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy - 2018

I loved the book and how Ethel is really brave and even though she is finding out more about herself, she is still loyal and stands by her friend. I like the gripping storyline and how you can go with her and her friends to help overcome obstacles.

Emma - All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy - 2018

It has a rather gripping storyline and allows you to go along with Ethel Leatherhead on her adventures into becoming invisble and helping her friends to overcome obstacles.

Jacob - All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy - 2018

Believable characters in unbelievable situations. A touching story with a likeable character just trying to find herself. Very Good.